Ahsan KhanKarachi: After the controversial situation of private TV’s Morning show, many private channels are planning not to broadcast morning show during Ramadan. In this regard, a private channel has decided not to broadcast live morning show during the blessed month of Ramadan.

Sources revealed that private channels are focusing on the live transmission of Sehar and Iftar for which many private channels are contacting with several TV artists. A private channel was all set with Pakistani host Sahir Lodhi for the live transmission of Sehar and Iftar but when actor and host Ahsan Khan showed his willingness for the live transmission, channel hired him instead of Sahir Lodhi. Similarly, famous singer Ali Haider has booked for PTV channel for their Ramadan transmission.

Private channels have also been active to book several artists, Sana Khuwa and Qawwal for their transmission as deals have also been decided with some of them. On the other sides, Qawwals say that we will give time to each channel and will attend the live programs as we do not want to limit ourselves by dealing with one channel. At this time, Qawwal Amjad Fareed Sabri, Fareed Ayaz, Abu Mohammad, Zaman Zaki Taji Qawwal are in the highest demand on the TV channels.