Veteran actor Sohail Ahmed didn’t hold back during a recent interview with Ahmed Ali Butt while tackling a range of topics – from the state of Pakistani theatre to the country’s political climate. But things got particularly heated when the conversation shifted to his former collaborator, Aftab Iqbal.

Their history on the hit show “Hasb e Haal” seemed to be the source of some bitterness. Ahmed blasted Iqbal for a perceived lack of respect towards colleagues and a know-it-all attitude, even aiming for his wardrobe choices.Iqbal, ever the showman, responded with amusement.

He admitted to initial camera shyness but countered that he was the mastermind behind “Hasb e Haal.” He wrote the concept and columns that paved the way for the show.

He acknowledged Ahmed’s acting talent but with a sly dig, suggesting “greats” are a rare breed these days.

Interestingly, Iqbal claimed he even suggested including more comedians on the show, a suggestion Ahmed allegedly resisted initially. But eventually, Ahmed embraced the idea. He addressed the bizarre shoe and clothing critique with surprising amusement, suggesting it’s all part of his persona, a conscious choice to provide comedic fodder.

So, where do things stand now? As for Ahmed’s challenge to a face-to-face confrontation, Iqbal countered that his door is always open. He even revealed that he was extending invitations to his show, which Ahmed declined.

The reasons behind that remain a mystery, leaving the public to speculate on the true nature of their fractured relationship.