Atiqa OdhoAtiqa Odho, the famous actress and host of Pakistan television who got married with Samar Ali Khan in July, 2012 as it is her third marriage. The news of cold war of couple is in light these days that as are having some troubles in their relations.

According to the news, Atiqa Odho who got much fame through her Zic Zac sitcom drama is facing complication in her third marriage as her husband Samar Ali Khan is not happy with her showbiz activities. Samar Ali Khan wants her wife to leave showbiz world and give time to home but Atiqa is not in the mood to switch from glamour world as this is the main reason of conflicts between couple.

Samar Ali Khan was the prominent member of APML (All Pakistan Muslim League) as well as he is also affiliated with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. Atiqa has also a party affiliation with All Pakistan Muslim League as she joined politics in 2010. It is the second marriage of Samar Khan with Atiqa Odho as Atiqa is the mother of three children from her earlier marriages and Samar has four children from his first marriage. Atiqa Odho who married with Samar Khan with the thought that there is no age for love is not helping her third marriage as her career is most important for her.