BOL News HeadquarterAccording to our sources famous actor & star Hamza Ali Abbasi who was hosting a political show Bol News Headquarter on Bol News has left the channel temporary.

Hamza Ali Abbasi has differences with the management of the channel regarding his payment which is due on the channel from a long time. He left the channel and is not hosting the show, insisting that his dues should be cleared only then he will host the current affairs show.

On the other hand the management of the channel has responded to the star saying that his payment will be cleared with passage of time and he should continue the show.

Hamza Ali Abbasi joined the channel two years ago and has been airing show daily at 9 PM on the show discussing the political and current affairs of Pakistan.

It is expected that soon the issues will be cleared between the host and the channel and he will again start hosting the show.

It is not the first time that any host or anchorperson has raised the issue of dues with BOL TV. When Amir Liaquat left the channel he also tweeted against the management regarding his dues.