Ramzan-PakistanPakistan Ramzan Show which is presenting Pakistan in the form of brotherhood, humanity, religion and culture is positively appearing on television screens in the month of Ramzan. Host Amir Liaquat is again gracefully touching hearts of audiences by his hosting as this program is getting closer to high TRP.

But in this holy month of the year, people are continuing spreading a way of fakeness, a way of ditching and a way of greed by making people fool in order to get money. A viral is spreading these days through Facebook and fake SMS where money is taking from people by giving them greed of passes and registration of Pakistan Ramzan show. As people are showing their keen interested to get the passes of this show, they are giving money for fake passes and registration to the greedy people. However, public are getting fool in this manner via some frauds by giving amount for passes as it is only the way of grabbing money from them which might harm the show as well.

It is pertinent to mention that Pakistan Ramzan show has no registration fee as well as contact numbers has been mentioning on the Express Entertainment channel for registration and passes. Many frauds are trying to create mess by sending fake SMS in this regard just to get money so it is very important to being alert at this time.