The ever green, problematic actress Meera acquired a trip of Chingchi Rickshaw, she misplaced her keys and voyages from her family household in rickshaw, Meera is a Pakistani performer, and she misplaced her keys and could not unravel as it was Japanese unique automobile.

The Pakistani media is always looking for such cheap news stories so as to fuel their publicity. Senior director Sangeeta, demanded to ban Meera from spotlight, but to no use.

Few days back Meera was caught in a video scandal and the social media got blazed with that story; however Meera denied its originality.

Moreover Meera is also planning to launch a high class hospital for the welfare of people; still Pakistani media is focusing on her on the negative side.

When the media was covering her, she covers her appearance with a covering and attempted not to be revealed in front of the camera, but the mass media has eventually caught the prospect. After a bit she was going from side to side a street where she arrived in a home.


Meera has become a gossip talk in Pakistani media, and according to media ethics they should avoid making fun of even the smallest bit.