Well-known Lollywood Performer and director Reema Khan acquired admittance in the school of Virginia in the course of film production and direction. In the opinion of the sources, Reema Khan is undertaking the lessons of creating of feature movies, short movies, documentary film, direction and writing scripts.

Also she is appearing in the workshops about films production in the numerous towns of United States. Reema Khan wishes to brand her fresh movie conferring to foremost present day technology. Now days she’s functioning on the writing of her film in The United States.

Reema Khan has left the arena of acting earlier and joined the direction of movies and for this attempt she is going for the highly professional training.

Earlier this Reema productively produce a movie “Love Main Gum”. Reema Khan was also rated well in acting and she holds a good viewership in Pakistan during her performances.

The Lollywood is also improving these days, and let see how Reema Khan can add to this growing industry by taking professional courses for various areas in film production.

Reema Khan

Reema Khan stands differently in contrast with other actresses of her era like Meera, Nimra and Resham.