Sonakshi Sinha placed her funniest stand onward at Karan Johar’s superstar guest show Koffee with Karan’. When Karan questioned what will she catch in Ranbir Kapoor’s bedchamber, Sonakshi responded by exclaiming ‘Kat’. For folks who could not interpret Sonakshi’s wacky answer, she destined Kat otherwise known as Katrina Kaif.

Ranbir Kapoor and his rumored squeeze Katrina Kaif have been in the bulletin for their purported love for an extended period of time currently, particularly, after photos of the 2 taking a vacation in Spain were disclosed. Sonakshi’s answer trapped Shahid Kapoor, who seems on the program with her and host Karan Johar, unready.

Ranbir Kapoor[alert style=”white”] Off-late buzz mills have underway pumping out narrations of Shahid and Sonakshi being further than merely ‘good pals’. [/alert]

If this was only one of the smart responses on Karan’s ‘ Koffee with Karan’, we are nosy who does more ‘Gandi Baat’ and conquests the well-known fast fire round.