Bol TVThe staff of controversial news channel of Pakistan, Bol TV are all set to launch new series of protests. According to the sources of media industry, BOL Workers Action Committee has decided to introduce new series of protest for the pending salaries of all the affected workers of Bol TV. The sources have claimed that it has been decided in a recent meeting of BOL Workers Action Committee at Karachi Press Club. All the affected employees of Bol Television have been informed about this protest and they are also called to participate in these protests. Previously, Bol Affectees Committee was formed to resolve salary issue.

According to the sources, these protest will be started in the major cities of Pakistan. First protest will be held at Karachi Press Club on 8th of February 2016. On the very next day, all the affected staff of Bol from the federal capital will be gathered outside the Parliament House to protest for their delayed salaries. In January 2016, PEMRA had showed some interest to resolve Bol TV employees pending salary issue, after receiving order from Islamabad High Court.

It is to be noted that Bol TV employees have not received their salaries since May 2015.