Rauf KlasraOne of the most famous and experienced journalists/news analysts, Rauf Klasra has finally revealed the reason for leaving ARY News. In a recent program Hum Dekhenge on Channel 92, host of the program Asima Shirazi invited Rauf Klasra and Amir Mateen as a guest and asked him reason for leaving ARY News in just few months. In his reply, Rauf Klasra got emotional and said that people generally thinks that all the journalists are corrupt and they only change their channel for money. He said that sometimes moral stand of anyone on any issue is much important than money.

Rauf Klasra said that almost all the media houses in Pakistan have their personal interest and political influence, due to which they force journalists to go forward according to their instructions and dictation. He said that if journalists compromises on many things, viewers gets angry on them but if they change the channel as a moral stand, people think that they have been sold out. He also taunted on all the owners of television channels by saying that it is our weakness that we have been failed to compromise on many things.

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It is to be noted that Rauf Klasri and Amir Mateen have left ARY News and rejoined Channel 92.