babra SharifLahore: 59 years old Babra Sharif took a decision to get married again, but she did not tell the further details about it. Babra got married with the famous film actor Shahid in past but just after one year she got divorce from him. After divorce she did not get married again, according to her this marriage was the worst decision which was taken by her.

Actress Babra was not in favor of married in past, but now she has changed her decision and going to get married again. Babra married actor Shahid in 1977, but unfortunately their relation could not remain long.  Now actress Babra is quite happy to marry again. Babra has a lot of fans and she used to be the best actress of Pakistani film industry in past. She gained a lot of fame in Pakistani film industry.

Babra worked in several movies and also did a famous TV drama “Nadan Nadia”, Babra acted well and looked very young in this drama. Actress Babra still looks very young and beautiful she is the glamour of silver screen. Not only she is good looking but also she is the best at acting.