Mehwish Hayat is one of the best actresses of Pakistan; she is multitalented actress, model and singer as well. Now she is going to perform in the item song of the movie “Namaloom Afrad”. Mehwish made her name in every field she belongs to; she will be definitely performing well in item song.

Hot model Mehwish Hayat worked in several dramas of Pakistan and performed well. Her fans must be waiting to watch the performance of Mehwish in item song. Actor Fahad Mustafa is also working in this movie, he said that he enjoyed a lot, while working with Javed Sheikh in this movie.

[alert style=”white”] According to the actor Fahad, the story of this movie is moving around the current affairs of Karachi. [/alert]

Mehwish Hayat The shooting of this movie has been 55 percent completed, it will be the best movie of Pakistan. Because they tried to show the terrorism in Karachi, everybody must be waiting to watch this movie. Casts of this movie are also good, good casts are necessary to make a good movie. These types of movie should be made in Pakistan. Movie seems to be different from the other movie of Pakistan.