Fahad MustafaThe most handsome actor of Pakistan Fahad Mustafa is about to leave the hosting of morning show “Jago Pakistan Jago” from Hum TV. According to the actor he is quite busy in the field of acting and he is not managed to run both work at a time. Hum TV has always selected talented and good host for their morning shows.

Before Fahad there were so many good hosts who ran the morning show of Hum TV like Sanam Baloch, Ghazal Siddiqui, Sana Tariq and film actress Noor. Actor Fahad is also running a wonderful programs, he discuss about different issues in his program. His horror shows are quite famous in Public; it gave the best change to his morning shows. The way he hosts the program is wonderful.

Fahad has been working in two movies at a time, that’s why actor is quite busy. He is working in the project of Anjum Shahzad and another movie project with Javed Sheikh. Fahad does not have much time due to lots of responsibilities.  Actor wants to concentrate just on acting. Handsome actor Fahad is extremely liked by his fans.