zaid-ali-tahirA young and famous Pakistani-Canadian entertainer Zaid Ali is now a days on his visit to Pakistan. He gained a lot of fame through Facebook there is hardly any Facebook user who doesn’t knows about Zaid Ali. He met with his Pakistani fans for the first time, large number of fans gathered at the hotel where he was staying at Lahore.

Zaid Ali is famous for his Punjabi style Urdu one liners, he is a star now in South-Asian circles because of his light and entertaining approach to the issues being faced by the Desi people not just in South Asia but round the globe. After concluding his stay at Lahore he headed towards Karachi. In Karachi he also met with the duo Mansoor Qureshi and Daniyal Sheikh who make parody videos of Zaid Ali, they started their Facebook page Karachi Vines a year ago. Zaid Ali himself appreciated the two Karachiites for their work. Zaid Ali said that Karachi is one of the beautiful cities of Pakistan and he is really enjoying his stay at Karachi.

Zaid Ali born to Pakistani Parents was brought up in Canada he is actively working on entertaining people in a lighter way along with pointing at the issues and lifestyle of Desi families. The Duo from Karachi the ‘Karachi Vines’ also shot a video with Zaid Ali and dedicated it to his Fans.