urdu social media summit 2015 press conferenceKarachi: The first ever International Urdu social Media conference will be held in Karachi University on 8th of May 2015. Urdu language is the symbol of unity of Pakistani nation. Urdu is the language of great Importance not only in today’s era but in the past too, it was recognized by the British crown as an official language along with English Language. Still Urdu is the official language of Pakistan and six Indian states. Social Media’s vastness is beyond a doubt increasing day by day and social media is an effective agent of change.

Fully realizing the importance of Urdu language Karachi University based organization is starting Urdu Social Media service and holding a conference on this subject for first time. Karachi University always played a supporting role for promotion of Urdu language. The upcoming event will be packaged with E-commerce, marketing and advertising to name a few. This event will provide a platform for the technical and non-technical experts who are striving hard for keeping Urdu alive over the social Media.

Aamir Malik the co-founder of Urdu source with collaboration of Karachi University Journalist Association (KUJA) will hold the upcoming event which will be beneficial for the survival of Urdu language over the Internet. Talking at the press conference on the eve of announcement of the event Aamir Malik said that awards will also be distributed among the bloggers and social media activists who are striving hard for the promotion of Urdu Language. Encouraging such individuals will render good fruits in the long run. Social media is being used by some determined individuals who want a better and positive change in the society,

Urdu Social Media Summit 2015 in karachi press clubPresident of KUJA while briefing about the event details said that interesting dialogues will be conducted on matters like online marketing, the new age media vs traditional media, political and social reforms highlighting the major subjects. The young energetic talent will gather on this platform which will create a good Impact as everyone will learn from each other’s experience. The event will be beneficial for bloggers from a number of fields, like economics, E-commerce, Literature, technology and entertainment. Collaboration of KUJA and Urdu Source will surely benefit not only the bloggers but the Urdu language too as the web population is increasing day by day.

Event Date: 8th May, 2015

Event Fees: FREE

Event Location: H.e.j Research Institute Auditorium in Karachi University, Karachi, Pakistan

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