Bringing diverse content for youngsters from around the world, Pakistan’s first of its kind kids’ channel, MyTV has gone live on YouTube.

Inspired by universal values, this channel is set to create an unparalleled experience for the kids, and bring relief to worrying mothers about the kind of content that their kids are exposed to.

To cater to the younger generation and provide them with entertaining and educating content, MyTV has established itself as a safe and reliable platform for kids.

It offers a variety of diverse content from around the world that is set to help in the spiritual, intellectual, and emotional growth of the children. The channel is set to be the mother’s companion in nourishing kids with healthy and happy minds.

It aims to offer programs responding to all the different needs and wants of children as well as their mothers, giving them the luxury and peace of having kids watch educational, spiritual, and moral content.

It is a one of its kind experiences for viewers and allows them to watch their favorite shows on their TVs at home, their tablets at college, their phones in the car, or anywhere they like.

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