Abdul QadeerAfter Justin Beebees a young talented boy Abdul Qadeer from Muzaffarabad became popular overnight whose video went viral on social media. Some tourists recorded his video and uploaded on social media that grasped immense attention. In an interview he told that his talent was explored by some tourist doctors who named him Dr. Abdul Qadeer and from that time he is called by that name.

A young boy of 13 told that his father desired his child to study and become a successful individual but unfortunately, he was not able to continue his studies due to financial problems. His father’s dream was of great importance for him.

A Philanthropist from Islamabad identified his talent and saw potential in him and brought him to Islamabad for Studies. The kind guy is expecting to get him some scholarship in Islamabad.

Pakistan is a proud host of such generous and caring people, who feel happy in helping others and consider this act as a sacred duty and fulfilling it is their worship. Pakistan is enriched with God gifted talent, proper and positive utilization of such talent will result in wonders. Pakistan is home to World’s most talented people of all fields ranging from basic to complex in nature.