wordpress blockedThe problem that has provoked all over country block on the largest blogging platform WordPress has been resolved. The news has confirmed that Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has ordered Pakistani Internet Service Providers to restore assess to WordPress in the Country in next (2-3hours).

The news about the blocked WordPress went viral on social media, even international blog like TechCrunch also published the news. WordPress was temporarily blocked in Pakistan because of its effect on Pakistan’s national security. Pakistan Telecommunication authority has not yet disclosed the exact URL or material that caused the entire WordPress to be blocked, due to the sensitivity of issue. According to sources access was blocked due to security reasons on the National Day Celebrations the joint military parade was held after seven years. PTA directly monitors the entire material that is published on internet and interacts with ISPs and resolves the issue to block or open access of WordPress.

WordPress is largest and first choice for a large number of people around the globe for blogging. According to a recent study conducted by Freedom House in December last year, the increasing quantity of banned assess on online material is causing Pakistan among list of 10 worst countries for net freedom.