UrduTyping in Urdu on the computer and Internet is not something impossible now. A simple software needs to be installed along with few steps to be followed to enable yourself to type in Urdu.

Although Urdu Keyboard that is the hardware is not required for this method only the application along with the fonts and keyboard layout which already are part of the package are required. Users of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 can activate Urdu support for their computers by following the simple provided procedure.

Although the Operating System already comes with basic Urdu for reading and typing. But for improved experience and better quality of the fonts to make the fonts easier to read you need to install additional software.

Windows Operating Systems require no additional settings except Windows XP which requires the CD of Windows XP to be inserted when finalizing the setup. The package can be installed on 32-Bit and 64-Bit systems too.

First you need to download the package from Pak Urdu Installer Official website. The package is developed in such a way it will install itself automatically. Required Urdu language support along with Urdu fonts and Urdu keyboard layout all will be installed automatically. After the installation completes you will be easily able to read on the Internet as the Nastaleeq font will be installed and displayed.

After the installation is complete on your computer you need to restart your computer once. Once the computer has been restarted it will completely support the Unicode Urdu. The language bar will also be seen in the taskbar next to the displayed time.

You will be able to type in Urdu in all applications like Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel and Emails along with your chat on Facebook and also your status update in Urdu on your Facebook. You can also tweet in Urdu via your Twitter. You can express your love for Urdu in any way you like after you are armed with powerful yet simple application.

As you are not required to have relevant hardware (i.e. the Urdu keyboard) the Urdu keyboard layout is designed in such a way that the English words which are of the same sound are mapped with the same sound Urdu Letters hence making it easier to type without the Urdu Keyboard. Like A is for Alif and B is for Bay and so on. This specific mapping of the Keyboard is known as Urdu Phonetic Keyboard.