A video of fake Pepsi factory is viral nowadays on social media, in which the procedure of re-filling the drink is shown. In this viral video, a man is re-filling the empty regular bottles of popular international brand Pepsi from a dirty filling plant without even washing the bottles. While some bottles of Pepsi are also containing the remaining drink, which people normally left and a man is re-filling those bottles also without wasting it.

In this fake Pepsi factory which is most probably located in any backward area of Karachi, couple of full and half empty bottle crates can be seen and worker of this factory is refilling them in a very dirty manner. It is unfortunately a question mark on all the concerned departments of the government which are responsible to eliminate all those factors who are playing with the innocent human lives.

After watching the video of that particular fake Pepsi factory, people on social media have strongly condemned this shameless act of some selfish people who are playing with the human lives. People have demanded the government to take some serious actions against the unhygienic and fake drinks which are main cause of spreading various diseases.

Fake-pepsi-Factory-pakistanIt is to be noted that many fake factories of different drinks and food products have been also shown on the different news channels of the country in the past, but the government have not taken any serious action to counter these illegal businesses.