Aquafina-and-Nestle_logoThe video of Nestle and Aquafina’s water testing has went viral on social Media. Till the writing of this article 40,000+ views just on Facebook have been registered. Although Pakistan is considered to be in a bad state as far as food safety and quality assurance is considered. Every now and then we see some new issue relevant to edible foods and liquids.

The video which has went viral, shows two bottled water brands Nestle and Aquafina. The water was already poured into the glasses placed next to each bottle. The administrators of the experiment took an electrolysis device and placed it at the same time into both the glasses. Let us first tell our readers what an electrolysis device is.

An electrolysis device has a pair of rods, one is connected to the negative end whereas one is connected to the positive end, the current travels from the positive end to the negative end, travelling through the liquid it is placed in (in this case it was placed in water). The water in both the glasses changes its color after some time.

The liquid reacts to the electrolysis according to its own composition and nature of the liquid which includes the acidity and alkalinity levels of the liquid.

The more the minerals and salts in the water the more the conductivity, so the more the current passes, the salts and minerals react with the rod (which is copper in most cases) and the water changes its color. All type of waters containing minerals will more or less react the same way. Watch video