english-to-urdu-app-imageIn this modern age of science and technology where things have become much easier as compared to past, people are getting fruitful results of modern technology in almost all the walks of life. Latest computers, laptops, android phones and tablets have become almost necessary for the people in order to be connected with the whole world all the time.

But it is unfortunately very sad that people in the third world are unaware of the use of these technologies that is why they are unable to get maximum advantage of it.

Similarly, many people in our country have smart phones and android mobiles with them but majority of them don’t even know how to utilize it in order to get advantages of the different features present in these phones. People just use these modern mobile phones as a source of entertainment and waste their precious time by playing games and watching movies. However entertainment is necessary in life but they can also learn many things by using different apps on their android mobiles.

Like other apps, many English to Urdu dictionary apps are also present on the internet, especially on Google Play Store. These apps are the source of increasing language skills and anyone can use these by simply downloading them on their android phones. You can find meanings of different words to enhance your language skills and to increase your knowledge so that you would be able to compete with the modern world.

In order to facilitate the people who really wants to learn English language by themselves, we have given best English to Urdu dictionary apps on Google Play Store, which are given below:

English Urdu Dictionary Free

This app is developed by  Urdu Dictionary English and it is one of the most popular apps of its kind on Google Play Store. English Urdu Dictionary is complete offline English to Urdu trainer and users can see the meanings of different words in real Urdu font. It is absolutely free and any one can download it easily on their android mobiles.

English To Urdu Dictionary

English To Urdu Dictionary developed by AVIKA is also one of the most popular apps regarding dictionaries. It is very simple and user friendly app that has more than 40,000 English words with their Urdu meanings. For almost all the words in this app, more than one meaning is available for one word. English To Urdu Dictionary is also free and users can download it easily on their android mobiles.

Urdu 2 English Dictionary

Urdu 2 English Dictionary is developed by Imagination to Innovation and it is available on Google Play Store. People can learn English language very easily at anywhere by simply typing any Urdu word on this app. Thousands of Urdu words with their meanings are available in this app which is best for students, businessman and travelers. Urdu Keyboard and English to Urdu option is also available in this app. Android mobile users can download it free of cost from Google Play Store.