Senior TV host Waseem Badami has left Bol Network due to disputes with the higher management of Channel, sources told Pakistan Media Updates. He joined Bol News in October last year performing duties as Executive Vice President and senior anchorperson. Bol Network tweeted about Waseem Badami’s resignation and gave him best wishes for future.

Waseem Badami had worked for ARY News for a long time. His Journalism career was started with ARY News and he got recognition quickly. He was appreciated for his different style of presenting and covering political events. He is named among those anchorpersons that are famous for their fearless reporting. He is famous for his current affairs show “11th Hour”.

tv anchor Waseem Badami[alert style=”white”] There are some rumors in market that, Waseem Badami’s had immense differences with Bol Network management.   [/alert]

Another source told Pakistan Media Updates that Badami also had conflict with management team due to his possible time slot for show. Bol Network has hired many leading people from Print and Electronic Media and Waseem Badami was one of them but many of the Journalists were expecting to have a different career path in mind.

Waseem Badami followed the directions of his mind and left Bol Network. A farewell was also organized for him and gave him best wishes for future. It is expected that he will join ARY News again.

Update: We revealed earlier that Waseem Badami is likely to rejoin ARY News again and now ARY Network has officially announced his joining and Badami also endorsed it on Twitter.