The famous news channel of Pakistan Geo News is facing some financial crisis following the ban on the channel. Staff has not been paid since last two months and the technical staff is unpaid till now from last three months. The inside sources claimed that the employees are suffering badly from this situation their lives are left disturbed as they haven’t been paid since a long period now.

The sources told Pakistan Media Update that Geo News is not facing any financial issue but the management itself is not paying the employees to and is expressing their problems regarding finances which came up due to the ban which the channel faced every now and then. The sources claimed that Its just a tactics by the management to get sympathies of the people nothing else.

Geo-News-Financial-Crisis-with-logo[alert style=”white”] The financial crisis which is being faced by the Channel is nothing but a rumor which is spread by the channel itself. [/alert]

Pakistan Federal union of journalists (PFUJ) and Islamabad press club itself issued a deadline and cleared that protests will be held if the channel doesn’t pays the staff till the end of this month. Adding to it the union of Journalists announced that GEO News will be banned from all the events if they didn’t pay the staff till the deadline.