veena-malikLahore: The rumor is wandering around about the Pakistani actress Veena Malik that she has again contacted to the Indian producers for work in India as she has worked in Indian industry in the last 4 years. It is saying that Veena Malik has decided to go India again due to defective situation in Pakistan but Indian film industry is also displeased with her and refused to give her work.

The controversial actress, Veena Malik has done some item songs and 6, 5 films in India but she could not be able to get the successful position in India but there she was remained in the news in many ways. After that Veena Malik got married as eventually she had to come back to Pakistan but unluckily she once again became controversial at the private channel’s program and ran away to Dubai with her husband Asad Bashir Khan Khattak.

Sources say that Veena Malik will not come to Pakistan soon as she is not trying to make her come back in Indian industry. It is important to mention here that Veena had previously announced her retirement from the film industry as she was active in social works in Pakistan. But due to controversial situation in Pakistan she went Dubai along with her husband and now again trying to return in Indian industry.