International Urdu Social Media Summit 2015 was organized successfully by Karachi University Mass Communication Department in cooperation with Urdu Source (an Organization which is working for the promotion of Urdu Language). Young bloggers along with Professionals, educationalists and Social Media Activists participated with zeal and determination to contribute towards our ‘lingua franca’. Professor Dr. Moonis Ahmar Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences, Karachi University presided over the summit. Professor Dr. Mahmood Ghaznavi Chairperson from Department of Mass Communication, Karachi University in his opening address emphasized on paying attention on our prime Identity that is Native Language Urdu he maintained that no nation made progress without emphasizing on Mother Tongue.

Professor Dr. Moonis Ahmar expressed his view and said that our youth should focus on acquiring quality education along with developing critical thinking on various matters. He emphasized on Time Management as the Key to Success. Renowned Analyst Ghazi Salahuddin while expressing his views labeled English as a barrier in development of our country and regretting he said that even the standard of English language now has declined. Agreeing with the Educationists he also viewed Urdu being an Important Agent for development and achieving prosperity.Urdu_Summit

[alert style=”white”]Youth should focus on acquiring Quality Education and developing Critical Thinking.[/alert]

On this occasion Manzoor Arain who is the General Secretary of Karachi Bar Association said that we ourselves have made our Native Language Controversial while on the other hand he explained the reality of Urdu being the language which always supported in friendly relationship among different nations and cultures. He added with utter disappointment that we have not been able to produce quality intellectuals as we have acquired Information but not Education.

urdu social media summit participants[alert style=”red”]We cannot progress and prosper without focusing on our Mother Tongue.[/alert]

Renowned Social Media Activist Rehan Allahwala while talking in the summit expressed his views on power of Social Media he said that we can spread our voices around the globe via social media as it has empowered everyone he emphasized that importance of social media cannot be denied, we are now global citizens thanks to social media which helps us to stay in contact with the whole world. Senior Columnist Wusat Ullah Khan speaking on this occasion was of the view that media now has emerged as an Industry, social media is an Important and powerful Platform and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Impact of the vibrant social media is undeniable he argued that Urdu has lost its standard over time, now is the time to take up our mutual duties of reviving Urdu in its standardized form.

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