Legal-NoticePakistani Bloggers have received legal Notices from Axact group over the matter of reproducing and uplifting the article published in New York Times. The blogs include ‘Pak Tea House’ and ‘Dispatch News Desk’ who were sent legal notices from the Lawyers of Axact Group. ‘Pak Tea House’ originally posted the news about the article which was published by New York Times along with the Tweets which came as a reaction by the public.

Abdul Karim Khan and Company sent the notice to Pak Tea House terming the reproduction of the article along with the tweets as defamatory for their client “Axact Pvt. Ltd”. The notice called for the removal of the content along with unconditional apology. The Notice read that the original article which was published by New York Times is fictitious and baseless. False allegations have been put up against Axact. More over the Law firm made it clear that their client has already denied all allegations. The notice further read that other media houses are highlighting the baseless story because of their enmity with the upcoming Bol Media which is a project of Axact group, in addition to misguide the professionals and keep them away from joining Bol TV. The writer of the original article himself had grudge against Bol and Axact Group.

[alert style=”white”] The Law firm termed the Article published by New York Times as an extreme example of Yellow Journalism and poor journalistic skills. [/alert]

The other blog Dispatch News Desk also took down the article after Axact sent legal notice to New York Times, which originally reproduced and uplifted the article of New York Times. The legal spokesman of Axact contacted Dispatch News Desk and asked them to remove the article from their blog, the spokesman further added that no one has replied from New York Times over the legal notice sent to them over publishing of a baseless article.

Higher Education Commission (HEC) also called a meeting over the issue after the news came under lime light. The Chairman of HEC had serious concerns over the matter as it is defaming Pakistan. HEC had the view that no one came for their degree attestation from any such bogus university. HEC also clarified that they don’t have any direct linkages with Axact group.