K-ElectricK-Electric the private owned power utility provider of Karachi has announced a new ease for the consumers. The consumers will now be able to launch their complaints via Social Media. Earlier the consumers had the facility to register their complaints via email, phone and SMS now making it easier for the consumers K-Electric has launched the new complaint ticket system.

The consumers have to follow a simple one time registration procedure when they register the complaint for the first time. Afterwards the consumer just have to inbox their Account Number to K-Electric’s team at Facebook or Twitter. The management elaborating the system said that they have integrated their SAP (An enterprise resource planning solution) with their CRM (Customer relationship management) system making it possible for the consumers to launch their complaint from their smartphones or computer system.

Tayyab Tareen the Chief Executive Officer of K-Electric said that their investments and efforts are not restricted just towards the generation, transmission and distribution of energy but maintaining healthy relationship with consumers is a very important part of their Operations. K-Electric after their reorganization from KESC have specifically focused on Customer Service, making them stand out as an example for all power utility companies of Pakistan.