Adil AbbasiIslamabad: TV Host & Producer Adil Abbasi has joined Channel 92 after quitting from Abb Takk TV Channel. Anchor person Adil Abbasi Sunday categorically disproved the rumors that had thought he was asked by Abb Takk TV management to leave. He resigned due to bad media management practices.

Adil Abbasi became globally and openly known for his remarkable hosting. During this time, he conducted many interviews with Pakistani. After winning the highly praised from the public of anchoring; he began anchoring on his own show on Abb Takk TV.

He informed that he actually resigned and was not fired or terminated as stated in some circles. “I quit because of bad media management practices.” Adil, who hosted the program Table Talk, in addition he said that he remained pressing the management to resolve the issues he had indicated but they never acted in response. He has also worked as TV Host in ARY News.

“Therefore I firm decided to resign,” he said during also making it clear he never went out of the country as wrongly declared in the story. Adil has recently joined Channel 92.