Karachi University had faced so much criticism on the entry of supermodel Ayyan Ali at an event and now the management of the university has expelled student for inviting her. After this news circulates widely on social media and mainstream media, people have reacted over this issue and called it injustice. Senior teachers of Karachi University have also showed their concerns on this issue and called highly unfair action. People said on social media that supermodel Ayyan Ali is not yet accused by the court and released on bail, while on the other end, KU have a chancellor involved in murder case.

People have said that the management of KU has expelled students who have invited Ayyan Ali in the university but no such actions have taken against the department head and other administration who have actually given permission to invite her. It is not possible that chairman of DPA was unaware of the guests which were invited by the students in the event.

ayyan with karachi university studentPeople have demanded that the university should review its decision carefully and take actions against those officials who actually have authority.


It is to be noted that supermodel Ayyan Ali had invited as a special guest by the students of DPA in August and University of Karachi had started investigations on this issue after criticism on media.