Thank_You_Raheel_SharifAfter starting Zarb e Azb and Karachi operation, Army Chief General Raheel Sharif has become hero of Pakistan. People are sharing thousands of posts on bravery and wisdom of General Raheel Sharif and because of these posts, Thank You Raheel Sharif (#ThankYouRaheelSharif) hashtag has become viral on social media. On both the social networking sites of Facebook and Twitter, people are posting Thank You Raheel Sharif hashtag and that is the reason that this hashtag is trending on social media from the last few days.

Many social media activists have created groups with the name of Thank You Raheel Sharif and got thousands of likes within just few days. Thousands of people are sharing pro Raheel Sharif posts to express their love and support with Army Chief. People are saying on social media that the wisdom and bravery of Raheel Sharif has resulted in improvement of law and order situation of Pakistan. People are also saying that Operation against corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, terrorists and land grabbers is making Pakistan a peaceful country.


While on the other end, some people are also saying that praising on duty COAS is common in Pakistan and we have seen this kind of example in the Musharraf’s tenure also.