Reham KhanOne of the most popular television host of Pakistan and former wife of PTI Chairman Imran Khan, Reham Khan has failed to attract the viewers. According to the reports, Reham Khan’s program “Tabdeeli with Reham Khan” has not fulfills the expectations which channel owners were hoping. One of the most Senior and experienced journalists of Pakistan, Umar Cheema has recently tweeted on his official Twitter account regarding Reham Khan’s program. According to Umar Cheema, Reham Khan’s program Tabdeeli is not getting ratings, due to which owners of Neo TV Network. Previously, during the recording of her first show, Reham Khan got angry on her co-staff.

In his tweets, Umar Cheema revealed that Reham Khan has already received 3 months advance salary from the channel and the actual amount is 15 million rupees. Umar Cheema has also tweeted that Reham Khan has also availed bullet-proof vehicle and other security facilities as well from the channel. But now the owners of Neo TV Network are looking to close this program as soon as possible. Although Umar Cheema has not mentioned the name of Reham Khan but the sources have confirmed that he is talking about her.

It is to be noted that Reham Khan had received many offers from the channels, after her divorce from Imran Khan but she had selected Neo TV and started her program from the channel.