Fara YousafOne of the most famous news casters and program hosts of Pakistani media industry, Fara Yousaf has left Channel 92. According to the sources of Pakistani media industry, Fara Yousaf has quit the journey of his association with Channel 92 just after around 4 months. While sharing news of her resignation from the channel, Fara Yousaf has mentioned that she has taken principle stand on any issue, but not shared that issue. Fara Yousaf may join another news channel soon, with better package and position also. In September 2015, Fara Yousaf had joined Channel 92 after leaving Bol TV.

Fara Yousaf is considered as one of the most popular and experienced newscasters of Pakistani media industry. She had been associated with many leading channels of Pakistan including Dunya News, Dawn News, ARY News, Channel 42 and Abb Takk News. Fara Yousaf is considered among the few journalists of Pakistani media industry who have joined the industry as an anchor and promoted to program hosts due to their hard work and capabilities. She had appointed as Senior Content Manager in Bol TV, but due to Axact scandal, cant able to conduct her program on the channel.

All the fans and followers of Fara Yousaf have appreciated her decision and wished best of luck for her future.