ptv logoIslamabad: Pakistan Television Corporation has not paid pension community sanitation and other liabilities yet to the retired employees. Employees have been waiting for dues for a year. On the other hand, millions rupees have been given people courtesies is continuing against regulations of the Corporation.

PTV is the Pakistan’s first Television Broadcasting channel.  It is the age with a small TV Station formed at Lahore from where transmission was first shown in Black & White with effect from 26 November 1964. Television centers were formed in Karachi and Rawalpindi/Islamabad in 1967 and in Peshawar and Quetta in 1974. While setting up the complicated.

According to sources, Retired employees are highly misery when he turned his head office touted by giving us false hope is prohibited. Including those of the officer cadre employees said that they did not have money if the government would grant, they would pay dues. Retired employees appealed to the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take notice of this serious problem, PTV and ministry officials to ask the Supreme Court to retirees and their families had no way of paying dues and they would also take a sigh of relief.