promoted_tweetsPopular online social network service Twitter has launched “Promoted Tweets” feature in Pakistan. With this initiative from the online social network service, businessman and other people would be able to promote their tweets for the business or other purposes. From this service, people would be able to convey their message regarding their respective products, to the targeted audience. User can also attach picture or video with their tweets and select their targeted audience for whom they want to convey the advertisement or message. This service was actually launched around 5 years ago, which was the first initiative to use Twitter for commercializing purposes.

Tweets can be promoted to wider audience on Twitter, but Promoted Tweets are not advertisement actually although it works like an advertisement. You can convey your message a group of your users and non-followers, as compared to their interests. Promoted Tweets service was previously available in limited countries, but now it has expanded to 167 new countries. Connect Ads will sold Promoted Tweets in Pakistan.

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How It Works?

Promoting a tweet is just simple as it could be, write a piece of content on Twitter, which could be any announcement, product release, event or sale. Attach an image or video with the tweet and use targeted option to convey that to the appropriate audience. Now launch your tweet as it can be seen in the home timeline of the targeted audience. You just have to be connected with the tweet in terms of reply, otherwise it would be disappeared.