Hum TvOne of the most popular entertainment channel of Pakistan, Hum TV is facing some problems after airing immoral and vulgar content. On 6th of September, Pakistan Defence Day, hackers attacked on the official website of Hum TV once again and hacked it. The website of Hum TV was hacked by a group of hackers named as “Hexlook, Pakistan Cyber Attackers”. Hackers have posted material regarding Pakistan Defence Day and remembered the martyrs of Pakistani forces who have sacrificed their lives for Pakistan.

The hackers also briefly described their motive and reason of hacking Hum TV website on Defence Day. They posted that the content which Hum Television is airing is not promoting our tradition and culture but in fact it is spreading vulgarity and immorality in the country. They have written that the morning shows, dramas, films and commercials broadcasted by the channel are promoting vulgarity in our country. The hackers have also criticized ignorance of PEMRA on this issue and raised a question that “Where is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan?” They have also shared some immoral and vulgar clips broadcasted on Hum TV.

The website of Hum Television has been recovered after some hours. It is to be noted that the websites of Hum TV and several other news and entertainment channels have been also hacked on the similar charges previously.