Priyanka Chopra’s comment about Azaan (Islamic Call for prayer) is going viral on social media, especially in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

In a press conference Priyanka Chopra was asked about her favorite time in Bhopal to which she said that in night around 8 PM I sit in my terrace to hear the azaan. She said it is a positive, strange and peaceful that’s why she waits for azaan.

She said that azan is called from all over Bhopal mosques and at the place where she was residing there are around 6 mosques from where azaan is made simultaneously.She is not the first star to make such comments, many other Bollywood stars praised Azaan.

Recently Hollywood star Lindsay Lohan also came in highlights after she deleted her photos from social media account and posted Islamic greeting on her instagram. Previously she was seen carrying Muslims Holy Book Quran in USA.