In the blessed month of Ramzan Rooh Afza launched a TV commercial which was liked and appreciated by millions of people because it reflected the cultural values of Pakistani Muslims. On Eid Rooh Afza released another TVC which was the extension of the ad.

Again the grandfather and grandchild were seen praying the Eid namaz, receiving the Eidi and enjoying the sweet desert. That’s what Eid is about, we remember our lord for his blessing, we share our blessing and meet with friends & relatives to share these special moments.

In this extended commercial the most loved moment was when the young child makes dessert for his grandfather. This is our culture, our values and this is how we treat & respect our elders.

Rooh Afza has become an important part of our Ramzan and Eid celebrations. We have grown up seeing the traditional ‘Mashrob-e-Mashriq’ being prepared and served at our homes, and it is still there and will remain here forever.

Rooh Afza ad campaign proves that it is in reality the only drink of the east, not only in its taste but also in its values and advertisement. Such campaigns should be promoted because it is a way to connect the new generation with our values.

Mashrob-e-Mashriq is so famous that even native english muslims are asking about it.