Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) arrested a resident of Nawabshah for misusing social media to propagate a negative agenda. A case has been filed against Abdul Karim Dahri, who was the alleged suspect and was arrested from Nawabshah by the Cyber Crime Division of FIA Karachi.

Abdul Karim is a teacher by profession but also works as a self-proclaimed journalist. He has reportedly using his journalistic influence to manipulate and to blackmail people and get money from them.

[junkie-alert style=”white”] According to an investigation officer, Abdul Karim recently posted a fake post on Facebook regarding donkey meat being used in a local restaurant in Nawabshah. [/junkie-alert]

facebook graphicThe owner of the local restaurant contacted FIA in Karachi and asked for help. The owner stated that Abdul Karim blackmailed him to pay money as ransom otherwise he will damage his business by defaming his restaurant on social media.

The cyber experts of the FIA used their technical expertise to trace the Abdul Karim and detained him.