social media icons and road graphicsThere are millions of websites and blogs on internet and every blogger wants to get maximum number of traffic on their website or blog, but only very few could do it. There are several reasons behind this secret but major mistake that most of the bloggers done while sharing their content on social media is that they don’t use it properly.

Social media is nowadays very effective way to increase visitors on your blog in order to make more profit but most of the bloggers don’t know the use of social media in this regards.

There are various methods and tactics of advertisement on social media from which any blogger can increase visitors on his/her blog in order to earn more money. They can use all the mediums of social media in this regards including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and many more, to invite thousands of visitors on their blogs.

The only thing which you should have to do is focusing the trends of internet users and the ways to attract them. Only few bloggers are earning maximum income from their blogs after using social media as a tool, because they are using it accurately.

Below are some very important tips from which you can use social media as a tool to increase visitors on your blog:

Tips To Use Social Media For Traffic

  • First of all, create profiles on social media networks including Twitter, Facebook, LindedIn, Google+, Youtube and Pinterest.
  • If you are using only one or two social media networks for getting traffic on your blog, such as Facebook and Twitter and not considering other networks, you are under estimating the power of other networks.
  • So always use networks as much as you can to get traffic on your blog, in order to increase visitors on your website.
  • Consider yourself as an example to know what people actually likes and what kind of material they want to see?
  • If your sharing content and its title is strong and attractive, your blog would have maximum number of visitors.
  • Follow maximum number of people on Twitter in order to create more contacts.
  • In the beginning, you may face some problems to increase Likes on Facebook, Google + and Followers on Twitter, but the more your page gets Like or have Followers, the more chances of traffic on your blog.
  • Spend some hours regularly on all the networks and reply to the comments of your Followers to get connected with them.
  • Many people on social media also give advice in their comments which can be fruitful for them, so try to get in touch with your sharing content.
  • Fan pages on social networks also increase chances of large number of visitors on your blog. Try to make fan pages of big celebrities from showbiz industry, cricket, tennis, film industry, football, television and many other fields.
  • Sharing same content on social network more than once can be also beneficial for bloggers to get your post viral on social media, but you must have to share it after some time.
  • Don’t share content continuously without any gap, because people gets frustrated on repeat contents, try to share at least after some days.
  • Try to change title of the repeating post in way that it does not look the same as previous one for the visitors.
  • It is better to ask questions in the title of the post on social media.

Join Facebook groups with large number of members and share your post there, in order to increase number of traffic on your blog from social media.