FacebookThe Government of Pakistan is using social media as a source to gather important information about the criminals and law breakers. According to the latest report of Digital Rise Foundation (DRF), the Government of Pakistan had given 192 applications to Facebook, for the access of data during January to June 2015. It has been stated in this report that the government had requested Facebook to provide the data of 275 users and Facebook profiles during this period. DRF report said that out of 192 applications, Facebook had provided support and data to the Government of Pakistan on around 58 applications.

According to the rules of Facebook, data of profiles and users can be only provided in the criminal cases, to the government of any country. Popular social media website also said that the legal status of these types of applications has been reviewed and evaluated on certain criteria set by the Facebook. Last year, the Government of Pakistan had filed applications to receive the data of 152 profiles and users but it has been increased in the current year.

It is to be noted that the statistics of Instagram and Whatsapp are not included in this report, and both of them are subsidiaries of Facebook.