Social Media Sparks On Vulgar Advertisement In Leading Newspapers

Nargis Fakhri

Screenshot of leading Urdu newspaper

Leading newspapers of Pakistan, Jang and Express Newspaper have published controversial advertisement on the front page, after which debate on social media started. In this controversial advertisement of Mobilink newly launched mobile phones range, Bollywood actress Nargis Fakhri is lying in vulgar pose. This advertisement was published on the front pages of Jang Newspaper and Express Newspaper, on Sunday, 20th December. After the publication of this controversial advertisement, people on social media started criticizing both the leading cellular network company and national newspapers for using such kind of immoral things for promotion.

While discussing this issue on social media, people have said that the mobile phone companies are spreading vulgarity and immorality in our society, with such types of advertisement. People said that the tactics adopted by the companies for the promotion of their products is not according to our culture and tradition. People have asked the concerned authorities to take serious action against both the company and the publishers for spreading vulgarity in the society. On the other end, many people have shared this advertisement on social media for fun.

It is not the first time that this type of advertisement published in print and broadcasted on electronic media but we have seen many such examples in past also.

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  1. Muhammad Laiq says:

    It’s actually smart of Mobilink to reintroduce Jazz with their own 3G enabled handsets, which everyone knows is like the need of the hour. They seem like decent handsets and start at an affordable price too. I feel this will actually enable people, especially from marginalized communities, to be included in the ongoing digitization process. #JazzIsBack

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