Pakistani Comedian Fareed Khan needs Donations for Cancer Cure

Comedian Fareed Khan
Karachi: Comedian Fareed Khan requires 8 Lakh rupees for his fifth operation. According to the doctor this operation is necessary for him, but Fareed is not able to spend a huge amount of money for the operation. Other actors requested the government of Sindh to help him. Actor Fareed Khan said that he got his operation two months... more →
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Top 10 Persons who are disliked by Pakistani People

There are so many famous personalities in Pakistan, but in spite of being fame they are disliked by Pakistani people. Our media has shown the proof against them, due to their mischievous activities they are not liked by the people of Pakistan. Here is List which has been collected after surveys Hamid Mir: Hamid Mir is the famous... more →
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Actor Tauqeer Nasir Says Media Neglected Mehboob Aalam Death Anniversary

Actor Tauqeer Nasir
Lahore: Famous Pakistani TV actor Tauqeer Nasir says that death anniversary of our great actor Mehboob Aalam is ignored by our media. Actor Tauqeer says that our media neglects the death anniversaries of our great Pakistani actors, but they show ordinary Indian news about Indian actors this is not good. He further says that Indian... more →
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