Sakhawat NazLahore: Famous comedian Sakhawat Naz is about to open an NGO (Non- Governmental Organization) for the people of far and wide. He included other actors along with him in this regard. They will provide help to the poor people through their NGO. Actor wants to improve the education system through this NGO.

Sakhawat is trying his best to help the people who live far and wide. This is the good decision of him because there are so many poor people who are away from education. Education will be spread far and wide through this organization. Our people of the rural areas also want to get education but unfortunately they are not being given any opportunity. This organization will be the best for them and they will get a chance to get education.

The more education is spread, the more our country will get progress. Comedian is taking a good action for the needy people and our government should also try to help him. Not only this is the duty of actors but also this is the duty of our government.