Islamabad: National Assembly of Pakistan requested to ban the vulgar program from TV channels. NA wants the Government to stop the telecasting of such kind of mischievous program immediately. This resolution is requested by Sahibzada Tariqullah of Jamaat e Islami (State Minister for Parliamentary affairs). This resolution was also accepted by Sheikh Aftab.

According to the Sahibzada Tariqullah over 100 channels are supporting immoralities on their channels. These immoral programs are also against the law of Pakistan. Our viewers could be affected badly by watching such types of programs. Media should think about it. Our channels are watched in all over the world and we belong to Islamic country, everybody knows. Pakistani channels should not show immoral programs on their channel.

These vulgar programs should be banned instantly. This is true that our Pakistani channels are promoting immoral programs, but they should stop to support them because Pakistan is an Islamic country. Vulgarity is being shown a lot on our TV channels and this is the duty of Government to take any action against it.