Pakistani Comedian Fareed Khan needs Donations for Cancer Cure

Comedian Fareed KhanKarachi: Comedian Fareed Khan requires 8 Lakh rupees for his fifth operation. According to the doctor this operation is necessary for him, but Fareed is not able to spend a huge amount of money for the operation. Other actors requested the government of Sindh to help him.

Actor Fareed Khan said that he got his operation two months back and he got improvement. But suddenly a new injury appeared and doctors advised him for operation. The expense of my operation is 8 Lakh rupees and how can I bring this large amount, actor expressed. Actors requested to the governor of Sindh Doctor Ishrat-ul-Ebad to help Fareed Khan. Provincial Cultural Department helped so many actors of Pakistan.

So many actors got benefit from this department. This is also the duty of our government to solve the problems of the people. Fareed Khan is the famous comedian of Pakistan, he did several comedy dramas and famous for his comedy. Today this senior actor is ill and needs our help; we should help him and pray for his health as well.

Update (1st August 2015): Fareed Khan Passes Away (Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un)

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  1. irfan ikram says:

    guys please put his bank account details here so that we can help him. Why to wait for our stupid politician ?

  2. Aslam says:

    What a pity. A famous actor is asking for help from government and despite all resources no body is willing to help him. If government is sincere, this actor can be helped. But government have money for cultural shows, motor ways, metro bus, railway engines but life of a person is not important. This is a duty of government to provide health and make the life of citizen safe.

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