There are so many famous personalities in Pakistan, but in spite of being fame they are disliked by Pakistani people. Our media has shown the proof against them, due to their mischievous activities they are not liked by the people of Pakistan.

Here is List which has been collected after surveys

Hamid Mir:

Hamid Mir is the famous anchor of Pakistani news channel, but people do not like him. In spite of being famous he is considered to be the RAW agent, social media claimed. He is the son of Waris Mir who was the traitor of Pakistan.

Najam Sethi:

Najam Sethi is the news analyst of Pakistani private channel Geo. He is disliked by the people of Pakistan because he is in favor of India. He has said that the war of 1965 was lost by Pakistan. He is also blamed on rigging election 2013 in Punjab.

Hussain-Haqqani Hussain Haqqani:

Pakistani ambassador Hussain Haqqani to the United States from 13 April, 2008 to 22 November 2011 was found The Principal blamed in Memo Gate scandal. Abuse language was   used by him in US against Pakistan.


Meera is the most famous Pakistani actress but she is disliked by the people of Pakistan, due to her vulgarity. She did very mischievous work in Bollywood movies. She has spoiled the image of Pakistan.

Marvi-SirmedMarvi Sarmad:

Marvi Sarmad is the most hated personalities of Pakistan. She is disliked by Pakistani for her secular ideologies. Marvi says that the founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah wanted a secular Pakistan and he was a secular. She also used abusive language on twitter.

Asma Jahangir:

The lawyer and the advocate of Supreme Court of Pakistan Asma Jahangir is disliked by the people of Pakistan. People dislike her due to her secularity. According to the people she is Qadiani and against the Hudood ordinance and the Islamic law of Pakistan.

Malala Yousafzai:

Malala Yousafzai is the most famous youngest personality of Pakistan. In spite of having a lot of popularity, she is disliked by Pakistani people. According to the people she has not done anything for our country, in spite of that media is trying to give her popularity. Malala is the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) agent along with her father, Pakistani people expressed.

Altaf Hussain:

Altaf Hussain is a political leader of Pakistan has been living in London for long time. People of Pakistan hate him a lot because he is the responsible of target killing and doing nothing good for Pakistan. Zulfiqar Mirza showed the documents to the media which have proved that he wants to divide Pakistan.

Veena Malik:

Veena Malik is the most famous actress of Pakistan, due to vulgarity and her different mischievous activities Pakistani people don’t like her at all. She has done shameless job in India and defamed the name of Pakistan. Now Her rating is improving after her marriage.dr Shakil-AfridiShakil Afridi:

Shakil Afridi is the fake Doctor disliked by Pakistani People because he was working for CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). People say that he is responsible for the operation in Abbottabad by US force.

Note: This List has compiled after social media surveys and other online methods. We are sharing only survey and it doesn’t contain hated material against any personality.