Karachi: Actress and director Kanwal Nazar got injured due to falling off the stairs. Actress got more than two stitches on her head. She was coming back from shooting and she fell down from the stairs of shopping mall. Kanwal could not control her balance, while falling from the stairs and fell upside down. People in the mall took her to the hospital around the area.

She got head injury and got bleeding caused by injury. Due to bleeding her condition got worst. According to the doctor’s advice she is not able to work for one to two week. Doctors suggested her for bed rest that’s why Kanwal delayed her shooting schedule. Her dramas schedule got affected because of this accident.

Actress Kanwal NazarActress Kanwal is quite thankful to Allah that he saved her life. I will get well soon by the prayers of my relatives and friends, she expressed. She is also thankful to those who are visiting her, after getting information about her accident. Kanwal is the best actress of Pakistan and she is good at acting. Her natural acting is quite good, there is no doubt.