Only Tariq Aziz Could Win the Election among Famous Celebrities

tariq aziz pakistani
Lahore: So many TV actors took part in election but Tariq Aziz was the only one who won the election among these actors. Actor Qavi Khan, Inayat Hussain Bhatti, Shafi Muhammad Shah, Qaiser Khan Nizamani, Musarrat Shaheen and Mahtab Rashidi took part in election as well, but they could not win the election. Indian Election of Lok... more →
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Pakistani Comedian Fareed Khan needs Donations for Cancer Cure

Comedian Fareed Khan
Karachi: Comedian Fareed Khan requires 8 Lakh rupees for his fifth operation. According to the doctor this operation is necessary for him, but Fareed is not able to spend a huge amount of money for the operation. Other actors requested the government of Sindh to help him. Actor Fareed Khan said that he got his operation two months... more →
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