Actress Meera Fight in Nadia Khan Show

Scandal queen of Pakistan, film actress Meera has created another controversy and this time with very bad manners. According to the reports, one of the most popular host Nadia Khan had invited Meera in her show on 16th of November 2015, as a guest. When Meera reached on the set of Nadia Khan Show, she totally refused to participate... more →
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Model Ayyan vs Actress Meera Contest Started on Eid

Ayyan Ali
Supermodel Ayyan Ali and film actress Meera have started competition for the Eid dresses and on animals for Qurbani. According to the reports, both the showbiz personalities have decided to compete each other on Eid dresses and Qurbani animals. Meera and Ayyan Ali normally buy suits from same boutique and after this new competition,... more →
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Actress Meera Arrest Warrant Issues

Controversial queen and actress of Pakistani film industry Meera is in trouble because of her marriage scandal. Honorable court has issued arrest warrants of Pakistani film actress and ordered to bring her in the court. On Friday, Judicial Magistrate of the Civil Court in Lahore has ordered the police to arrest the actress and bring... more →
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